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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Multiple Choice
Headline from the loony-right WorldNetDaily: "Inspectors: Hapless dupes or enabling pacifists?"
Picking the Bones
Bankrupt Burlington Industries, a former star of the former textile industry, has been sold to Berkshire Hathaway. According to the Business Journal , "The deal all but makes certain that common shares of the Greensboro company will be worthless." The good news: "Following emergence from Chapter 11, Burlington would operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway." There are much worse bosses to have than Warren Buffett, and his vote of confidence in textiles is the best news I've heard on that front in years.
Reynolds' Straw Man
Glenn Reynolds writes a cute little alternative history about the way the US would act if it really was an imperialist power--lots of stuff about carving up the map, mass deportations, and generally reenacting the vilest moments of past imperial powers. This is just stating a rigid definition and using it as a straw man. Obviously we are a new and improved kind of empire, kinder and gentler--we only crush our foes militarily when we absolutley have to. Call it what you want, O Mighty Instapundit, but it looks kinda like an empire to me. A more interesting argument: do we have any choice?

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That Damn Muller

I was psyched to scoop Eric Muller on a Coble story (below), but as soon as I posted it, I went to IsThatLegal and it was up already. Degree of difficulty: Muller is on the road today. At least we're both ahead of the News & Record, Roll Call, et al.

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Coble Ignored Meeting Request From Asian-American Congressmen

Howard Coble ignored a request for a meeting with three Congressmen of Asian descent, who were distressed over remarks Coble made last week endorsing the WWII internment of Japanese-Americans.

Coble yesterday changed his tune on the lock-up of US citizens, saying it was wrong, although he did not admit his error in historical fact (claiming that it was done for the safety of the internees) or apologize for his statement. And he ignored the request for a meeting by Reps. Matsui, Honda, and Wu. Honda aide Ruben Pulido says the Congressmen will continue their attempts to meet with their colleague.

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