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Sunday, February 09, 2003

Waiting for Coble's Apology

News & Record editorial-page editor Allen Johnson follows last week's strong editorial on Howard Coble's endorsement of the WWII-era internment of Japanese Americans with a column on the same subject. Unfortunately, Johnson doesn't post his own columns online. Here are some excerpts:

"Is Howard Coble an evil man?...Of course not...In an age of made-for-TV candidates...Coble is a throwback...with a genuine, just-regular-folks appeal.

"That's why the Congressman from Greensboro needs to come clean right now. Apologize. Say you were wrong."

Johnson demolishes Coble's defense that the internments were for the protection of the imprisoned Americans. He also points out a difficult truth:

"(P)olitical fallout on this issue locally may be negligible for Coble. Thus far, he said, his office had received only a few e-mails on his comments, and all had been positive."

That's upsetting. This district (NC's sixth) does not have a large Japanese-American population, but this is an issue that should concern everyone--especially because Coble chairs a House subcommittee on "homeland" security.

Meanwhile, the Charlotte Observer has a graphic response to Coble and his fellow foot-in-mouther, Sue Myrick.

Coble has declared that he will apologize if he is proved wrong in his contention that internment had humanitarian purposes. Eric Muller is following up his strong analysis by posting original documents pertaining to the internment at his site.

Howard, you misspoke. You got the hard part right--standing up to a caller who advocated locking up Arab-Americans--but you got your history wrong. Admit it, apologize, and move on.

Season Saver

Carolina pulled out a win they had to have, and the tourney dream is still alive. But they can't keep it going if McCants (0 points yesterday) isn't healthy. The News & Record's Ed Hardin says Sean May could be back sooner rather than later, but will it be in time? Injuries are something the Doherty-haters at Tarheel Talk ignore--but given the infrequent updates and moribund message borads at that sorry site, Doh may outlast his detractors.

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