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Monday, February 17, 2003

The Local Angle

The N&R runs at the bottom of page B-6 an AP story about Mike Honda's comments. Headline: "Coble's remarks spur congressman's anger." Some readers think the paper is giving this too much press--this letter ran opposite my column yesterday. Other locals are having a hard time getting Coble's attention.

Meanwhile, the Denver Post adds some texture (via IsThatLegal, which continues to lead the way on this story).

And I haven't seen anyone pick up on the fact that Honda personally asked Coble to sign on to a resolution recognizing the anniversary of FDR's internment order.

Local Conditions

The ice storm wasn't the familiar kind that sheathes the trees in ice until the limbs start falling. It's more like an inch-deep layer of sno-cone ice, without the imitation cherry syrup. Our neighbor Carson came by looking for Elijah, and Luna and I ended up sledding with him and his brother, Hayden, for a little while. 

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