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Thursday, February 06, 2003

Keeping the Heat on Howard Coble

I really don't think Coble is a racist, but he sure put his foot in it this time.

Josh Marshall: “The few ... the proud ... the four remaining North Carolina Republicans in the House of Representatives who still haven't insulted some ethnic or racial group.”

Eric Muller: “The spin has begun: Coble was just trying to say that 60 years ago our society wasn't "multicultural." Huh? That's not spin. In fact, it's not even wobble.”

Greensboro vs. the Patriot Act

Jim Capo: “the Human Relations Commission of the Greensboro City Council unanimously passed a resolution to send to the City Council for its review…The resolution asks Greensboro to join the more than 30 cities across America that affirm the U.S. Constitution over the Patriot Act."  

Linux Academy 

Red Hat launched a new training program to teach Linux skills to high school and community college students. Guilford County schools are the first in the nation to offer it.

Down But Not Out

Going into last night’s loss at Duke, I was assuming that Carolina would lose to them at home, too. But the Heels were so competitive last night that they clearly should beat Duke in Chapel Hill. That could seal a tourney bid—if they hold serve at home the rest of the way and beat Clemson on the road. As usual, Thad Williamson puts things in perspective.

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