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Friday, February 07, 2003

Why Coble's Gaffe Matters

The News & Record, Howard Coble's hometown paper, sums up the importance of his remarks in support of internment camps for Japanese-Americans during WWII: "Coble chairs a House subcommittee on homeland security. Would his apparent tolerance of racial profiling and detention makes him less disposed to safeguard civil liberties and civil rights while forming homeland security laws?"

Meanwhile, Eric Muller continues to kick butt and take names on this story.

Panning Peter Pan

Michael Jackson thinks children appreciate his weirdness. Mine don't. Elijah and Sydney are really into the Jackson Five just now, but last night they caught a little of that horrifying interview with Jacko.

Elijah (age 11): "He turned into a white man."

Sydney (age 9): "He turned into a white woman."

Elijah: "I can't believe his father beat him when he was little."

Sydney: "Somebody should beat him now for looking like that."

This morning, Syd told me she had nightmares about his face.

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