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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Weblog Watchdogs Nip Coble

"Howard Coble has once again run afoul of the Weblog Nation." In this morning's newsaper column, I take a look at the way a weblogger has been able to push an important news story forward. A good weblog is like a JDAM for the mainstream media.

The Ice Storm Cometh

Actually, it'th already here. A thin layer of ice on the ground, and more expected. Luna and I walked for about an hour this morning. I inched along over the icy roads until we got to the path through the woods, while Luna ran, capered, scampered, and tore. She already taught the kids a swell new vocabulary word, now she's acting out the thesaurus.  


Carolina needed to win yesterday at Clemson, but for the second time in three years, a trip to Littlejohn knocked a big hole in UNC's plans. Two seasons ago, Clemson beat the then-top-ranked Tar Heels to initiate a skid that lasted through last year. Yesterday, the Heels' hopes of going 8-8 in the ACC -- and pretty much locking up an NCAA bid -- took a grievous blow. Beating State, Tech, and Duke at home is possible, but Wake and Maryland on the road will be mighty hard. 7-9 in the ACC is doable, but will that be enough?

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