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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Keeping the Heat on Coble

Eric Muller's editorial ran yesterday in the News & Observer and today in the News & Record. My Sunday column will discuss his role --and the role of weblogs-- in driving this important story forward.

Coble's office has said he's received only positive comments from local folks. Howard, read your mail.

Truth and Reconciliation Are Good Things

My newspaper column this week argues that Greensboro needs to better understand the Klan-Nazi killings that left five people dead on our streets in 1979. Most of the opposition to the Truth and Community Reconciliation project I hear centers on the people who are running it--so maybe the powers that be should get involved instead of trying to hush things up for another generation.

We aren't the only city to wrestle with our past--and we shouldn't wait 80 years the way Tulsa did to start grappling with our ghosts.

Low and Slow

Flew home from yesterday's reporting trip from Nashville via Atlanta. Due to pressurization problems, we did that whole leg of the trip at about 9,000 feet. It was pretty out the window, and although I prefer non-stop flights I guess I'm glad we didn't have to fly over Mt. Mitchell.

Meeting the Plan

Carolina thumps UVA in Chapel Hill, stays on sked to make the NCAAs by winning enough at home to finish 8-8 or 7-9 in the ACC. They will need one more road win: next, at Clemson.

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