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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

NAACP Supports Groups Calling for Coble's Resignation as Committtee Chair

At its annual meeting, the NAACP pledges support for organizations that have called on Coble to step down as chairman of a House committee on homeland security. Per Eric Muller, of course.

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More Local Feedback on Coble

The High Point Enterprise is the second-largest paper in Coble's district. While the News & Record has been quite critical of Coble's remarks, the Enterprise has been softer. "World War II detentions look wrong in hindsight," was the headline on one editorial. Another piece argued that Coble should retain the chairmanship of a House committee on homeland security. And while some letters from readers were hard on Howard, others switch the conversation from internment of Americans to the perfidy of Imperial Japan.

Meanwhile the N&R today runs an anti-immigration op-ed by local columnist Charles Davenport Jr. (not posted), in which he manages to work in a few words of support for Coble and Sue Myrick. According to Davenport, Jr., their critics are merely "editorial writers, racialist crusaders and the sensitivity police," and the congresspersons get props for "their willingness to defy, when necessary, the storm troopers of political correctness." Yes, those storm troopers of political correctness are much more alarming than the actual troopers who showed up at the homes of American citizens and locked them away for being of Japanese descent.
Today's letters-to-the-editor page (not posted yet) leads with a demand that Coble be uninvited to speak at the Guilford College commencement this spring, and follows with two letters in support of Coble.
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