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Friday, February 14, 2003

Mike Honda Asks Coble to Sign Resolution of Remembrance for WWII Internment

California Congressman Mike Honda, who spent part of his childhood in a US internment camp for Japanese-Americans, has personally asked Howard Coble to sign onto a resolution that would have Congress recognize February 19 as a day of remembrance for the WWII-era policy.

Honda met Coble yesterday as they went about their business in the House and asked him to sign the resolution, which marks the date -- February 19, 1942 -- that FDR signed Executive Order 9066 to lock up his fellow Americans. Coble has not responded to an earlier request by Honda and Reps. Matsui and Wu for a private meeting to discuss his remarks in support of the internment policy, although he did later say the policy had been wrong.

"[Coble] said he would consider signing on to it," said Honda's communications director Ruben Pulido after yesterday's encounter. "That would go a long way" to making up for his earlier misstatements, said Pulido.


Mr. Lonely Hearts

Lisa and the kids are spending the long weekend in Florida. I'm spending the long weekend on deadline. At least I've got a friend to spend Valentine's Day with.

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