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Spaziergänge in Berlin und Umgebung

Mittwoch, 29. November 2006

Abstrakte Skulptur auf dem Hof Wilhelmstr. 123.
Künstler ist mir nicht bekannt.

Holz und Eisen

A Shared Culture of Private Visions

Abstraction has been less a search for the ultimately meaningful ... than a recurrent push for the temporarily meaningless: that is, things that are found not often in exotic realms but rather on the edges of banality, familiarity, and the man-made world. It is the production of forms of order that are not recognizable as order, but vehicles of feeling that appear utterly dumb. Abstract art is a symbolic game, and it is akin to all human games: You have to get into it, risk and all, and this takes a certain act of faith. But what kind of faith? Not faith in absolutes, not a religious kind of faith. A faith in possibility, a faith not that we will know something finally, but a faith in not knowing, a faith in our ignorance, a faith in our being confounded and dumbfounded, a faith fertile with possible meaning and growth. (Kirk Varnedoe, found in the wounderful Arts & Letters Daily )

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