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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Located in the arid Great Basin, Utah relies heavily on its limited water supply.  StoneFly Technology, a small Utah company based in St. George helps ensure that Utah manages its water resources wisely.  StoneFly supports a variety of critical water projects in the west, include the Sevier River Basin, the Emery County Water Conservancy District, the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, as well as the Duchesne and Spanish Fork River projects.  StoneFly systems provide real-time flow monitoring and online control capabilities for managing this valuable resource.  The technology gets down to very low-level drainage area diagrams with very specific data that portays a graphic picture of what is happening.  Data is recorded with great regularityPanoramic views are available for key resources.  Partners include the Western Regional Climate Center, Mesonet, the US Bureau of Reclamation, and the National Weather Service.

StoneFly develops many of their solutions on open source platforms including Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.  Deployment is based on 900 MHz and other wireless internet-based infrastructure that allows local water managers to manage their assets remotely.  Remote webcams provide visual monitoring of key locations.  Many of the remote data monitors and sensors are from Campbell Scientific, a Logan, UT - based company.

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California's Do Not Call registry is being hit by 215 users per minute.  The California registry will be merged with the FTC's national registry later this year. Obviously, this is a very popular service.  I think that the implications for the telemarketing industry are enormous. 

The California service is actually pre-registration which will not take effect until October of this year.  I would prefer just to wait until the national registry is online.

Meanwhile, yet another audit is criticizing the State (of California) for their spending on the state web portal.

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Amy SawyerFCW reports that Kentucky will become the 18th state to partner with NIC for portal development.  Utah did that four years ago and our partnership has been quite successful.  Our local NIC general manager, Amy Sawyer, is currently featured on NIC's website.

Amy came here from Hawaii and has been critical in the development of many of Utah's online services, such as DOPL's Licensee Lookup and Verification System, the Agent Hunting and Fishing application, the Online Impound Vehicle System, etc.

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