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Thursday, April 17, 2003

Governor Mike Leavitt and Masters' champion, Mike Weir
watch as Lt. Governor Olene Walker completes her putt
on the new State Capitol golf course.

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AMS will stop supporting the current version of our statewide financial system (FINET) in July 2005.  This brings up the entire ERP issue and the question of where we go in the future as a state.  The reason is that we just completed the implementation of SAP's payroll system.  So now we are operating two systems in the Division of Finance that both aspire to be the state's ERP.  AMS is courting partners in order to add performance and functionality to their system as a government-oriented ERP system.  Included are Ariba, IBM, Siebel, Veridian, and Versata.

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Our Enterprise Development Group (eDG) is developing a utility that will allow the user to paste an RSS URL into a form and create presentation javascripts in a variety of formats, including headline only, scrolling, ticker tape, and full text.  In addition, they are creating a variety of RSS creation tools that will allow the user to create and display RSS in a variety of formats compatible with the News @ Utah.gov initiative.  They presented some prototypes yesterday following Ray Matthews' enthusiastic presentation on creative ways that we might use RSS in state government.  Ray maintains an online RSS tutorial that he uses to support a class that he offers through the State Library.  The Library maintains a growing body of RSS feeds such as the Utah and National Public Library News.

Content Syndication with RSSI just used one of the Library's outstanding online services to reserve Ben Hammersly's new book, Content Syndication with RSS.  First, I checked the online catalog to see the status, then I used the live chat to see what the process was for reserving materials, and the book will be sent through interoffice mail as soon as it is available (Ray's already got it checked out).

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The Utah Smart Sites initiative will receive the U.S. Department of Commerce's 2003 Innovation Excellence in Economic Development award.  The initiative has attracted two existing businesses to the State, created 13 new businesses and resulted in the expansion of seven IT businesses.

Examples of smart site businesses are:

The Smart Sites initiative is helping to bring high tech employment opportunities, as well as broadband service to rural Utah.

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