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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Accenture just released a new study on eGovernment. They report that it is much more extensive than previous studies.  The study presents these findings:

  • eGovernment matures through several levels
  • Value is driving eGovernment
  • CRM underpins eGovernment - applications should be focused on customer intentions
  • Increasing "take-up" is a priority
  • eGovernment targets need to match the objectives of new programs

The eGovernment maturity model presented by Accenture extends the maturity model presented to the State of Utah last summer by Phil Windley and consists of the following five levels (see page 8 of the document for details):

  1. Online Presence
  2. Basic Capability
  3. Service Availability
  4. Mature Delivery
  5. Service Transformation

Within a large governmental organization, state or federal, there are agencies that exist at varying levels on the maturity chart.  One goal has to be to elevate all agencies.  Typically this role belongs to the CIO or a designee.

GOL must now push the limits of integration, act as a catalyst for cross-departmental and cross-jurisdictional service delivery improvements,and serve as a platform to initiate and accelerate change —change in how government relates to citizens, how we manage information in business processes,in all aspects of human resource management and in IT infrastructure investment strategies.That being said,our challenge is to deliver on our 2005 commitment and meet our client-centricity and sustainability and objectives,while keeping an eye on the bigger transformational opportunities...
-Michelle d ’Auray, Canada's CIO

The paper ranks Canada as the top provider of eGovernment services, stating, "Canada ’s success is built on a relentless drive to improve."  The US is ranked 3rd after Canada with Denmark coming in 4th out of the 22 nations surveyed.  The document states that wide-scale eGovernment maturity requires clear leadership —either through an individual or through a central coordinating body.  In Utah, that body is the Utah Product Management Council which consists of eGovernment product managers from each of the departments of state government.  Goals for the Council were elaborated earlier this year and are consistent with the direction recommended by Accenture.


Finally, the recommendation is made that governments should look for opportunities to encourage collaboration/integration across agencies where appropriate.This will offer the greatest opportunity for increased operational efficiencies and more cohesive, intuitive service delivery processes for citizens and businesses alike.businesses.  That is the role of Utah's enterprise projects.  Although progress has slowed during transition on some of these projects, they are still an important  part of the eGovernment strategy for the State and some of our best people are involved with these projects.

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Iraqi children in the port of Umm QasrEight solicitations have been issued by USAID for reconstruction activities in Iraq.  So far, the only awards have been to Seattle-based Stevedoring Services of America for management services in the port of Umm Qasr and the International Resources Group for personnel support.  If you look at the overall reconstruction plan, it is very well developed already with RFPs issued for the following services:

  • Seaport Administration
  • Airport Administration
  • Capital Reconstruction
  • Logistical Support
  • Primary and Secondary Education
  • Local Governance
  • Public Health

USAID has also issued a grant to UNICEF to support a "Back-to-School" campaign for Iraqi children

Back in September, the eGov Monitor speculated about a potential e-Jihad against egovernment.  That certainly hasn't materialized. 

The New Media Awards weblog contains regular posts refering to egovernment and mentioned that the FBI has designated April as National Internet Safety month.

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