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Monday, April 21, 2003

Former Utah CIO, Dave Moon, is continuing to influence Utah's technology environment as a General Partner in the ESNET capital investment group.  ESNET is a partner with vSpring and has been influential in promoting new high-tech development in the state.  GlobalSim, which provides simulation based training for the transportation and material handling industries is an example of ESNET's investment portfolio.  Dave Politis shares the most recent list of Utah high-tech companies that have obtained venture capital investments.  Among those of interest...

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Terry Davis has made Ray Matthews' RSS presentation available in RealVideo on the eDG website.  You can also view Steve Stalter's proposal to develop a turnkey RSS news solution for state agencies along with these meeting notes.
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The contractor and general manager for the new State Archives building has been selected.  It will be Okland Construction.  Okland is currently finishing up the new Logan Courts building.
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Bill Campbell is on his way out as the CIO of Wyoming.  Too bad.  Bill was in the position for only seven months.  I met with him several months ago and he seemed to have a good concept for where the state should go.
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