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Monday, April 14, 2003

Bob Woolley, whose blog has been strangely silent for many months, shares some of the strategic planning work that he has been doing. 
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An article in Stateline refers to PSWIN's study on interoperability which shows that Utah is one of 14 states that have made significant progress toward interoperability of emergency communications.  We are currently taking steps to push this even further.  The current interoperability standard is focused on voice communications using an 800 MHz solution that is supported by the Utah Communications Agency Network (UCAN).  The area of true interoperability is an 8-county area that covers the majority of the State's population.  Rural Utah is really out-of-the-mix.  Our current efforts will create flexible interoperability between the many rural networks operating in the 150 MHz band and the 800 MHz systems by running this traffic over the State's IP network.  Mobile data capabilities are being extended into rural Utah through 802.11 hotspots and a lower speed  450 MHz mobile data solution.

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Unfortunately, there was no one that blogged last week's NASCIO event, so I had to glean any information on it from Governing magazine and the NASCIO website.  Of the presentations that are available on the NASCIO site, perhaps Jeff Schneider's presentation on homeland security technologies is the most interesting.  Jeff refers to Realtime Outbreak and Disease Surveillance system (RODS) that is used for monitoring and tracking disease outbreaks.  His slide had a map of Utah Olympic venues so I'm assuming that maybe it was tested here last year.  The system which was built on a platform of Oracle, JBOSS, ArcIMS, and COCO is available for download.
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