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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Here is an interesting service that could eventually be provided by government.  In Hong Kong, you can request a text message on your cell-phone that will inform you of any SARS-affected buildings within a kilometer of where you are calling from.  If all cell phones were GPS-enabled, not only would you have advanced E-911 capabilities, but you could automatically inform the user of all kinds of information on request, health-related, transportation services, public safety information, etc.  Now, how about a bluetooth-enabled phone that can communicated to a smart vehicle sound system?  Add a control panel that will let you select options that you want to be informed of.  Now when a traffic incident or slowdown occurs within 5 miles (you set the parameters) of you, you are automatically notified of it, maybe you can set the alert to auto or manual - if auto, it automatically breaks into your sound system informing you of the situation, if manual, you access the message at your convenience.  The possibilities are endless.
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