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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

The USGS has developed a very robust, interactive map utility for identifying features from its oil and gas assessments.  One which would be of current interest is the assessment data for the Book Cliffs region of Utah which is in the Uinta-Piceance Basin.  BLM has approved oil and gas surveys in the Book Cliffs which are being performed by Veritas, but is being challenged by environmental groups.

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Novell's annual Brainshare conference is usually a big deal around here as Netware users from around the world converge on Salt Lake City to listen to speakers like Jack Messman.  We are looking at what Novell is doing with their Nsure products, iChain, DirXML, and eDirectory, some of which are already integrated into our infrastructure.  I am also anxious for the implementation of the latest version of Groupwise with integrated instant messaging service.  The State hosts a chapter of Novell Users International.  Included in yesterday's offerings was the announcement that Netware and the Groupwise client will now be offered for Linux.

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