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Friday, April 18, 2003

Ken Hansen, the director of the Utah Division of Administrative Rules is now posting the Governor's Executive Documents to a new Moveable Type weblog.
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The 2003 Federal E-Government Strategy document was released today.  It touts FirstGov, Free File, GovBenefits, Regulations.gov and E-Payroll as prominent egovernment accomplishments.  The document also mentions some of the ongoing barriers to progress, specifically leadership support, parochialism, funding, and communication.  Their goals include a continued emphasis on cross-agency and one-stop solutions.  I was interested to see that they have implemented a new E-Clearance system and that 99% of security clearances are processed electronically.  I worked on an early clearance system for a large organization back in the early eighties.  The new slogan is "My Government. My Terms."  There are probably a few things to glean from the section on metrics that can be used at the state level.  We have been working to refine our eGov performance metrics.  Most of the Federal agencies are still receiving a red (not good) on their status report card.

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The US News and World Report is among a growing number of major media to add an RSS feed to their site.
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