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Thursday, April 03, 2003

Several days ago, Jon Udell wrote about the efficacy of using weblogs for managing project communications.  I believe that I will take him up on that suggestion.  I already pull my Homeland Security RSS feed into the Utah Product Management Council website.  If I were more conscientious about doing this, it would be much easier than managing certain aspects of the site with Dreamweaver.  I have lagged in adequately maintaining that as other things have taken priority.
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Stephen Cooper addresses an important issue in homeland security,

"The national enterprise architecture is not just federal.   We've reached out to state and local environments, and we are reaching out [to the private sector]. But we haven't figured out the optimal way to reach out to the private sector."

I don't think they've figured out the optimal way to reach out to state and local government either.  That's still a work in progress and needs a lot of improvement.  One major step would be to embrace Governor Leavitt's Interop America plan to begin to tie critical homeland security components together. 

Howard Schmidt, chair of the President's  Critical Infrastructure Protection Board gets to the details,

"Now, the end point, the handheld, the wireless phone are part of your architecture.  And that architecture and the thought process has to change."

We are making progress on that piece and beginning to partner with everybody; the National Guard, the FBI, public works, local police and sheriffs, the Forest Service, BLM, etc. to create what will be a statewide, interoperable voice and data network that integrates multiple endpoint technologies. 

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