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Sunday, September 01, 2002

A Local Debut

In this morning's N&R, I present Tara Grubb to the people who can actually vote for her or Coble in November. They ran a pic of her, too, but cropped out Junebug. Too bad, 'Bug is a cutie.

For those of you who have only read about her on the Web and have now moved on to next week's short-attention-span news nugget, well, you are way ahead of the real game, which will play out here in the NC Piedmont over the coming weeks: article by article, meeting by meeting, and voter by voter. Remember, the "weblog candidate" thing is about funding and helping to shape her campaign. That's off to a decent start. But the heavy lifting will be done locallly.

The big political news here is the race for Jesse Helms' Senate seat, with Liddy Dole the presumptive GOP candidate and former Clinton chief-of-staff Erskine Bowles expected to win the Democratic primary. Bowles is from Greensboro--I would vote for his mom any day--and Tara has to break through a lot of other news to make a name for herself around here. With 9/11, ACC football, political primaries, and more, that's going to take some work.

The Rough Draft

Yesterday I wrote on this weblog that I didn't want to write my 9/11 anniversary piece for the N&R. I was most unhappy, I felt I had said what I had to say on the subject...that all I could add would be personal thoughts and feelings. Over the course of the rainy day I thought about what I had written, and realized that the answer was just what I had put on my weblog--that I need to write a personal column from the point of view of someone who lost two really close friends that day, to talk from this perspective about what I saw and what my friends saw over the last year.

If journalism is the first draft of history, then blogging is sometimes the first draft of journalism, and getting my blockage down on the screen yesterday morning helped me understand how to break through it.

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