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Monday, September 02, 2002

Wine Whine

We had a fancy bottle of wine that our friend Ernesto gave us for our anniversary a couple of years ago, a 1990 Chateau Montrose to be exact. My cousin Tim and his wife Francoise came through town last week, so we opened it up at dinner. It was tasty to be sure, but a wine that scores a perfect 100 from Robert Parker has been given a heavy burden to carry. That's what I hate about wine ratings and wine snobbery, it all makes me think in quantitative terms when I just want to enjoy my meal. How much better is a "perfect" wine than a damn good one? 

More Corporate Influence in NC

The Winston-Salem Journal's Paul O'Connor writes about the chilly reception given by politicians to protestors against the proposed FedEx hub at our regional airport.

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