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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Saying Goodbye

I told my grandmother goodbye. In the morning I leave for home. We both know that we may not see each other again. That's not being melodramatic or morbid, it's just the way things are. She is old, and frail, and we live 1,900 miles apart. I held her hand and told her that even if I do not see her again I will always have her with me. She nodded, then kissed me. And I walked out the door.

Lewis and Clark and Me

This afternoon I went exploring south of Missoula. I remembered one of the best scenes in Undaunted Courage, when Meriwether Lewis climbs what he hopes to be the last big range before the Pacific and sees instead the Bitterroot Mountains in front of him, dashing the dream of a water route to the western ocean. My experience with the Bitterroot was much nicer. I drove around the river valley, then hiked a bit along Kootenai Creek, then sat on a rock and watched the water for a while.

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