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Saturday, September 21, 2002

Taramania (Encore)

Another good article about the Tara Grubb candidacy. OK, I have my usual objections to an outsider writing with preconceptions about the South, and Guilford County in particular. Is this urbanized county of 400,000 people really "sleepy" and "little"? No, but that's the standard terminology when people write about any place where kudzu grows. Still, props to writer Jason Lefkowitz, and thanks to Tarheel Pundit for the link.


Started out at 5 this morning. Drove to Raleigh. Flew to Minneapolis, then Missoula. Spent the afternoon with my grandmother, who is frail at nearly 93 but still has her wits. Dinner with my aunt. We laughed a lot. Tomorrow and Monday: more of the same. Have not as yet spotted any pygmy ponies or fields of dental floss.

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