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Friday, September 06, 2002

Happy 5763

Rosh Hashanah begins tonight at sundown as Jews welcome the new year. Time to get serious about the Y6K problem.

Tomorrow we will go to a dinner held each year at a Greensboro park, hosted by a loose group I lovingly call the Granola Jews. They are mostly professors and doctors who want to mark the new year with family and friends but don't feel the need to do it inside a building. One guy, Kurt, plays his cello. The kids play soccer. One of my favorite holiday rituals.

Is This Guy For Real?

One of the participants at the upcoming Cato Institute debate, economist James Miller, wrote an article called "Let Hollywood Hack." Obviously I disagree with his conclusion, but I was surprised at the flabbiness of his argument, which comes down to: The problem of peer-to-peer piracy is way serious and hard to attack....therefore, "Congress must curtail everyone's cyber privacy and allow copyright holders to access and sometimes disable private networks. While we should regret any loss of privacy, fighting crime often requires reducing the privacy rights of innocents." Straight from A to B to a letter that's not even in the alphabet. I thought for a moment this was a prank, but he seems to be serious.

Herky Fishbine takes a nice swing at another of Miller's articles, "Deep Links? No Way!."

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