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Thursday, September 12, 2002

Grave Words

Doc links to a funny tombstone with a coding joke that even I get. My father used to say he was going to have "I told you I was sick" put on his tombstone, but he didn't. And a cousin who disdains provincial life  but still plans to use the family cemetery swears his stone will read, "Caught dead in Greensboro."

Getting Specific

Tara Grubb has a new and improved URL--http://www.tarasue4u.com/--and has been spending a little less time on philosophy and a little more on campaign specifics. And she has produced a brochure that discusses the P2P bill supported by her opponent Howard Coble.

No Hats

I'm listening to an early Randy Travis tape. Later Randy would make Nashville safe for the hat acts that ruined country music, but his voice makes even the lamest factory-produced songs sound good. In the car: Powderfinger.

My First Favorite Player

Johnny Unitas was my first football hero. He took the Colts to the the Super Bowl when I was six, and my dad liked him (my dad having been a med student in Baltimore when Unitas rose to his glory in the late '50s), and he had that cool name. RIP, Johnny U.

It's Always Basketball Season in North Carolina

Jerry Stackhouse goes to Michael Jordan's Wizards. Why wouldn't a message board discussion on the subject log more than 2,000 views in less than 24 hours?

Good Press for Gallucci

Jim Gallucci, a sculptor here in Greensboro, is using beams from the World Trade Center to make two giant gates. He got a nice writeup in yesterday's New York Times (registration required; free). Sometimes I see Jim at our mutual friend Ernesto's house.

Playboy on Line Two, Miss Revels

Sensitive friends tell me that America is laughing at North Carolina over our dethroned pageant queen, but I think the story of topless photos and lawsuits and dueling Miss North Carolinas falls into the realm of laughing at beauty pageants. At least some people take the moral standards of these posers very seriously. How long until the spurned beauty sells some pics of her own?

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