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Updated: 9/29/2002; 8:41:38 PM.


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Sunday, September 29, 2002

Weekend Update

On Friday night, Elijah and I watched Patton. I told him the same thing my dad told me before I watched the movie with him when I was about Elijah's age: you may not repeat the opening speech to your friends at school. It's a long movie, and after Patton beats Montgomery to Messina but gets relieved of command for slapping a soldier, Elijah asked if there were going to be any more battle scenes. He was pleased to hear that Patton would be taking the Third Army on a tour of France before we went to bed. On Saturday, Sydney scored a goal as the Titans strafed some other bunch of eight-year-old girls, 8-1. Then we took the puppy, Luna, for her first swim.

Stranger in a Strange Land

Steve MacLaughlin may have moved to the heart of NASCAR country, but he's still sticking to the kind of racing he knows best.

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