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Thursday, September 05, 2002

LaChanze Goes to Congress

Actually, Congress is coming to her. Congress will meet tomorrow in New York to commemorate 9/11, and my friend LaChanze has been asked to sing the national anthem for them. Calvin would be proud.

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Another Campaign Blog

Welcome to Guilford County, NC, the campaign weblog capital of the world.

A Libertarian candidate for the North Carolina Senate, Jim Capo, has started a weblog. He also has a very well-done site that lays out his stands on the issues. He follows the local example of Tara Grubb, the first candidate for the US Congress to have a weblog.

Capo will face the winner of a GOP primary between two popular incumbents who were redistricted into running against each other. (NC primaries are next Tuesday, long delayed due to court battles over the redistricting map.) As a Libertarian, Capo faces all the usual problems, including lack of party support and difficulty differentiating himself from conservative Republicans on many issues. But he is clearly an interesting thinker, even if I don't always think the same as he does, and I look forward to reading his journal.

Both Tara Grubb and Jim Capo are extreme longshots. That's probably a reason they are willing to try something new. But they are also showing the way toward a future where this mode of personal communication from candidates could be increasingly popular and powerful. Capo and Grubb are both good communicators, although they have very different styles and would seem have divergent ideas on many issues. How long until a good communicator who is running as a Democrat or a Republican follows their lead and starts writing on the Web in his or her own voice? Not that I love the major parties so much, but that will be a critical next step in this story.

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