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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

A Memorial Service

This morning I participated in a memorial service for the 9/11 dead at Temple Emanuel, lighting a candle on the bema and reading an invocation to the packed sanctuary. There were participants from both of Greensboro's Jewish congregations, plus a chorus from the American Hebrew Academy, a new boarding school here. Organized religion is not my default interface with the eternal, but I was happy to be there.

Chip Off the Old Blockhead

This afternoon I'm working from home, finishing a final draft that's due to the mad genius next week. Elijah is cranking  "Layla" on the stereo, again. He can't get over how cool those opening chords are. I felt the same way when I was eleven. I get a lot of pleasure knowing how happy he'll be when he graduates to the Allman/Clapton version of "Little Wing."

Dole vs. Bowles

It rhymes when you say it out loud. As expected, the carpetbagging Republican and the Clinton-baggage Democrat won their primaries yesterday and will vie for Jesse Helms' Senate seat. Some GOP voters don't like Liddy because she is not as conservative as Jesse, and if they stay home, and if Erskine can get out the Democratic vote after a general election campaign of just eight weeks, an upset is possible. Not likely, though.  

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