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Saturday, September 14, 2002

A Winner's Weblog?

Jennifer Schulz Medlock has her new blog up and running, making her the latest Guilford County candidate to start a campaign weblog. She might actually win, too.

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Who is Chico Sabbah?

One of the more interesting stories I've ever worked on was just published in Forbes. Chico Sabbah made hundreds of millions of dollars in the reinsurance industry but remained virtually anonymous, even here in Greensboro, where he poured $100 million into a new boarding school. Then his businesses were destroyed by 9/11, lawsuits started flying, and his name was in the news. But he still didn't talk to the press--until now.

"A Democrat, a Republican and a Libertarian are sitting in this restaurant..."

It's not a joke, it's what happened last night when weblogging candidate Jim Capo and I met at the restaurant owned by former State Senator Bob Shaw, who lost a primary election to the guy Capo faces in November. Jim is a bright guy with a lot of interesting ideas. The veteran Shaw's advice to the Libertarian neophyte: become a Republican and change the system from within. The shrimp was really good, by the way.

Never Too Early for Glam

7:28 this morning, on the way to Sydney's soccer game, she requests "Ziggy Stardust" to get her pumped for battle in the nine-and-under league. Her team, the Titans, win 4-1. Coincidence? I think not.

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