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Friday, September 20, 2002

Blogging the P2P Debate

Matt Croydon went to the Cato debate on P2P and delivered some professional-grade journalism via his weblog (actually, one of his weblogs, he has this one, too. Remember when the question "is blogging journalism?" seemed interesting rather than obvious? Some blogging is clearly journalism, even when practiced by a non-professional journalist.

Now that Matt has delivered the facts, I'd like to read a follow-up, an opinion piece with some commentary and some color. What was the attitude of that Smith professor--his writings are so heinous, but was he seemingly sane in person? Did it mean anything that Berman wasn't there, or was that business as usual? Was the crowd showing support for particular speakers and viewpoints? And how was the food?

That last question leads us to strike the final stake into the heart of the "is blogging journalism?" debate. Matt has clearly figured out the culture of the working journalist. From his report: "I also got a free lunch out of it." 

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