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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Coble Update

Eric Muller links to a Charlotte Observer opinion piece that takes Coble to task. Muller also points to an article that defends Coble, then pretty well obliterates the facts and logic behind it.

Meanwhile, letters keep coming into Coble's hometown paper, some opposing him but many arguing that internment was defensible in the context of the times, and that the war with Japan was brutal. Yes, the war was brutal -- my grandfather's brother, Captain Frank Cone, died in a Japanese POW camp in the Philippines -- but it was fought against Japanese soldiers, not American civilians of Japanese descent. And if it was justifiable, why did the US apologize and pay reparations?

Just Do It

A reporter just contacted me for a newspaper article on weblogs. I told him that the most important thing he could do is to get a weblog of his own.

Just Do or Die

After Saturday's butt-kicking by the Terps, tonight's home game against the Woofpack is a must-win for the Tar Heels. Bonus: if they win tonight, then Saturday's game against GA Tech matters, too--and I'm going to that one.

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