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Friday, May 02, 2003

Maybe DotCommunist likes his Apple iTunes a little too well: “Instant gratification is a dangerous thing.”

Happy Birthday to Dave Winer and (one day late) to Suzanne and Lauren Scheer. And congrats to Dr. Josh Marshall.

Slate: “The American Raj in the Philippines was dismantled. Then it was forgotten.”

Saying nix to the Chix? Fine. I’d like to make a deal with any disgusted patriot looking to unload two tickets to the Dixie Chicks’ Greensboro show. My nine-year-old would have played the grooves off  “Wide Open Spaces” if CDs had grooves, and she was against the war anyway.

3:43:41 PM    
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One way in which Greensboro ranks ahead of Raleigh...and we're closing in on New York.
10:12:27 AM    
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IsThatLegal on Daniel Pipes: "As little use as I have for that overuse of the internment, I have considerably less for those who can't bring themselves to say that the internment was a civil rights disaster."
10:09:54 AM    
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