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Sunday, May 11, 2003

JD Lasica eviscerates the Times’ dumb new media article.

5:43:19 PM    
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Merle Haggard: “Mama tried to raise me better but her pleading I denied/That leaves only me to blame, cause Mama tried.”

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, and to my Glamorous Italian Wife, two loving experts at the hardest job around. Elijah and Syd made Lisa breakfast this morning, and we’re all taking my mom to dinner tonight.

10:53:09 AM    
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The News & Record runs an (unposted) article about the economics of ACC expansion. It’s a great piece of work, detailing the dollars that might flow from adding three new teams. The only problem with the story is that it leads with the idea that expansion might be about more than money – yet it makes exactly no suggestions as to what else might be driving the expansion plans. Maybe it’s the natural rivalry between Syracuse and Wake Forest, or the rich tradition of Miami basketball? Or maybe it’s empire building by a league that’s headquartered a few miles from the News & Record – close enough to spin major stories.

10:31:16 AM    
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"Daydreaming over a gutter can get you killed." Tara Grubb has a nice new look for her weblog – but the erstwhile weblog candidate also draws some fire from fellow blogging Libertarian Jennifer Medlock.


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Banned blogger Denis Horgan may sue the Hartford Courant: “(T)he longtime columnist is talking to a lawyer about legal action, and hopes that the threat of a lawsuit will get the paper to back off and allow him to blog again.”

10:21:02 AM    
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William Safire, meet Cheech and Chong. Safire leads his On Language column this morning with a rumination on the word “jones” as a synonym for “craving,” yet he somehow manages to miss a landmark pop culture use of the word – the bong-brothers’ classic Basketball Jones, (not to mention the song it parodies, Love Jones). Doesn't Safire have a staff to protect him from such embarassing omissions? Cheerleaders, help him out.


* * *


“The widespread fabrication and plagiarism represent a profound betrayal of trust and a low point in the 152-year history of the newspaper.” The impact of the Times’ abject apology for Jayson Blair’s fabrications is even greater when you pick up a print version of this morning’s paper and see that it occupies some very valuable real estate -- A-1, above the fold, left-hand corner.
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