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Friday, May 23, 2003

Rain, rain, rain. More rain. Gray and glistening outside the big old factory windows of my office. I lit a candle and put on WFDD. Luna is sleeping on the used-to-be-white couch. Another 8,000 word monster past the Mad Genius and on to the copy desk, time to jump into the next one.


* * *


It’s hard to fault the tireless Jim Romenesko for taking a couple of days off, but what are other journalists supposed to do while he’s gone – our jobs?

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The blogosphere should be crackling over the story of Tom DeLay and the runaway Texas legislators, but it’s not, at least not yet.  


“The chain of events and contacts connecting the Majority Leader to a criminal investigation is now drawing awfully tight,” reports Josh Marshall.


Marshall wonders if the Washington’s “buzzmasters and propriety hounds” will take notice. Weblogs could make them take notice. 


* * *


The New Republic: “One of the most important online vehicles for the Dean campaign is blogs.”


Last fall I met John Edwards at a private function and tried to interest him and his press guy in weblogs. Maybe this will get their attention.

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