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Friday, May 16, 2003

frograbbitmonkey: Rednecks don’t tip.”


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“Customers actually call and raise hell when they're (sic) text messages don't work. This is a service we provide for free because we don't guarantee it will always work.” Notes on the service economy from a Ryan Irelan reader.


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Maybe the Texas Democrats on the run should just suck it up and win more elections instead of fleeing to Oklahoma when they don’t like the way state business is conducted. Even so, Josh Marshall shows that there is more to the story.  

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Kind words about my day job from Sam Whitmore's Media Survey (subscribers only), via Deborah Branscum: "CIO, CIO Insight and Optimize are built by highly skilled editorial packagers. Baseline is built by highly skilled reporters — and therein lies the sharpest distinction among all four C-title publications we studied."  

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“It was a tag-team display simultaneously hilarious and bile-inducing,” writes Todd Morman in The Independent about the efforts of the two entrenched parties to kill a bill that would have eased North Carolina's "absurdly restrictive ballot access laws." The bill was sponsored by Guilford County’s own John Blust, and promoted by blogging former Libertarian candidate Jen Medlock.


I’ve been meaning to add Morman’s weblog, The Monkey Media Report, AKA Monkeytime, to my list of NC blogs. Now I have.

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