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Friday, May 30, 2003

Camilo says it’s tough to enjoy Winston-Salem “unless you are married, established and white.” He says “the culture…places a premium on gender and color of skin, on form before substance, on blind acceptance rather than creative discourse.”


I'm married and established but not quite white enough for Winston-Salem -- historically at least, it's been less open to Jews than Greensboro. It helps that Jews played a huge role in building the modern city of Greensboro. Twenty minutes on I-40 makes a big difference. 

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Am I the only one who can’t get to JD Lasica’s weblog?

12:10:08 PM    
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I, Stringer: Mark Tosczak worked as a stringer for the New York Times in North Carolina. When I finally got the nerve up to ask for a byline on the story I wrote, I was told, flatly, that there was a policy that prohibited giving stringers bylines…The real problem with the Times' policy on stringers is that it's counter to what a newspaper is supposed to be all about: the truth.”

8:18:06 AM    
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InstaPundit backs into the DeLay/Homeland Security affair by posting a short item in praise of Josh Marshall’s dogged pursuit of the story and the merits of weblog journalism. That’s great, Marshall deserves the first blogging Pulitzer if this thing stays alive, but I’d like to know what InstaPundit thinks of the story itself. Reading between the lines, it looks like he’s saying it’s too important for him to ignore completely, but too politically inconvenient for him to say much about himself….

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Sean Penn needs a copy editor. His ridiculous open letter, printed as an ad in this morning’s Times, looks like something Spicoli would think of as way serious, dude, impenetrable in both verbiage and layout. Doesn’t he have handlers to help him communicate with the real world?

8:02:24 AM    
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