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Monday, May 12, 2003

Dave Winer volleys in his debate with MSNBC’s Jon Bonne. “If you don't like the news, now you can do it yourself.”


Dave’s on the right side of history, but I think he’s falling into the either-or trap when he says, “The busloads of reporters will be laughable vestiges of a system that's already dead.”


Professional journalists and news organizations will add value to weblogs, once they figure them out. Many pros are pros for good  reasons—talent and desire, for example. The resources and collaborative atmosphere at news organizations are real assets. At the same time, new voices will emerge on personal weblogs and then get hired by publications. Weblogs are a tool, not a religious persuasion.


I didn’t read Bonne’s article as being “cynical” and “arrogant,”, just behind the curve (arrogant would be yesterday’s Times op-ed).

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The heiress once known as “the richest baby in the world” has died at 72. Anne Cannon Forsyth was a granddaughter of R.J. Reynolds and a member of a prominent textile family as well. Yes, she smoked, irony noted, but her spirit of noblesse oblige and long list of good works is more notable.


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Stuart Malina, the departing music director of the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra, has been nominated for a Tony Award.

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Another way Greensboro is ahead of Raleigh (more great news here) – we've had more homicides this year than Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and Durham combined. The work load is straining our detectives.

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Mark Steyn says Rick Santorum’s remarks are no big deal: “(E)xcept for a few precincts in New York, Florida, Massachusetts and California, there is no political downside whatsoever to being seen as anti-gay--or, at any rate, non-pro-gay.” Now there’s a rigorous standard for political discourse. Would Steyn have applied the same logic a generation ago to remarks by Lester Maddox or George Wallace?

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