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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Which story will get more coverage on Fox News?


Dave Winer: “Even if it had been put up for bid, Halliburton shouldn't have been considered because the vice-president was the CEO of the company before running for office. And it wasn't put up for bid, they just gave the [Iraq] contract to Halliburton…This is a scandal.”


Or this one:


The Hill’s Sam Dealey reports: “Sen. John Edwards’ presidential campaign finance documents show a pattern of giving by low-level employees at law firms, a number of whom appear to have limited financial resources and no prior record of political donations.”

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No dumber than some of the stuff people bought during the bubble: “The North Korean government is floating bonds that offer no interest but buyers will get an ‘expression of affection’ from the communist regime, according to a pro-Pyongyang group in Japan.” (CBS Marketwatch)


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Redeveloping the old Wachovia building in downtown Greensboro is at least as  important to downtown revitalization as building a baseball stadium or reclaiming the brownfield site at S. Elm and Lee. If this project doesn’t work out, somebody needs to figure out a tax policy that makes it worthwhile for JP to tear that sucker down.

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The new Charlotte NBA team will be called the Bobcats, the Dragons, or the Flight. “Bobcats” is a play on owner Bob Johnson’s name and follows the feline theme of the NFL Panthers. Unfortunately, Panthers is a dopey name to begin with for a team from a state that saw its last panther about the time Dan’l Boone up and left.

“Flight” is a reference to North Carolina’s history with the Wright Brothers. And, as the News & Record reports, “’Dragons’ has no obvious local link.”

“Flight” is horrible. “Dragons” is silly. “Bobcats” is not ridiculous, but surely they can do better. I like names that say something about the town. How about the Charlotte Sprawl? The Bankers? Or the JustAsGoods, as in, it’s just as good as Atlanta?

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Salon says that surveys show couples without kids are happier than couples with kids. Maybe they just have more time to fill out surveys.


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Talks are underway to expand the ACC by raiding the Big East for football schools. I don’t like this idea at all. Maybe add VA Tech or some other regional neighbor to bring the league to ten schools…but don’t go whoring after the Big East’s football money. A good quote from Duke athletic director Joe Alleva: “When you go to 12 teams, you don't have a conference anymore. You have an association, because you don't play each other all the time.”


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Oliver Willis went to a John Edwards event.

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I need an email address for Wynn Senning
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