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Thursday, May 15, 2003

W sez tax cuts are for regular folks, not tie-wearin’ rich fellas…“That’s why everyone sitting behind the president wearing a necktie was instructed to take it off.” The Ministry of Photo Ops shows it knows more than aircraft carriers.
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InsideCarolina has lotsa links on ACC expansion.


You know what would be a cool feature on IC next basketball season? Weblogs for reporters and fans. Put both flavors on the IC homepage. Given the intensity of a college basketball season and the devotion of Carolina fans, weblogs by dedicated reporters and knowledgeable fans could generate lots of repeat traffic -- and unlike the message boards you could sell advertising around them.


I’d read a UNC hoops weblog by Thad Williamson every time it updated between October and April.

11:42:44 AM    
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As a journalist and a reader of the New York Times, I find the whole Blair Affair to be maddening and sad. My wife, who like me started her career as a fact-checker at Forbes, keeps muttering that Blair wouldn’t have lasted three weeks under that rigorous regime.


But all the gleeful Times-bashing obscures the fact that by standards other than conservative political correctness, the Times remains not merely the best newspaper in the country, but the best by a large margin.


Unfortunately that speaks not only to the depth and intelligence of (most) Times coverage, but to the general crappiness of other major US papers. If you travel around the US and read the local rags, the lack of quality newspapers in big cities like, say, San Francisco is startling.


The Washington Post distinguishes itself in political coverage and is clearly a serious newspaper. Philly and Los Angeles and a few other big cities have good second-tier papers. The Wall Street Journal does great work on a limited range of subjects. But for consistent, serious coverage of real news, the Times is unchallenged.


Which is what makes this Blair thing -- for which some senior editor's head should roll -- so upsetting to those of us who aren’t gleeful over it.


* * *


Paul Wolfowitz on our kind of democracy.


* * *


The Salam Pax backlash begins.

8:50:33 AM    
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If the ACC expands to twelve teams in order to become a football conference with two divisions, then how can the four North Carolina schools possibly be in the same division?  The only way to do that would be to create a very funny-looking map that routes around the state at the geographic center of the league. It seems unlikely.


Alert reader Eric H. asks the big question: how do you have a home-and-home basketball schedule in a 12-team conference? Answer: you don’t. The rivalries that made the ACC special are in jeopardy.


The ACC made its name for five decades as a basketball conference. Expansion is about turning it into a football conference. Great, we're going to be the SEC. I'm so proud.

8:31:31 AM    
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