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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Karl Rove: “(I)t's the battle of Iraq, not the war." The long war as policy and campaign fodder.


* * *

Creating Appalachia

John O’Brien in the NY Times:  In the 1870's, there was no ‘Appalachia’….this mountainous stretch of the country from West Virginia to northern Georgia was one of the most prosperous agricultural areas in America…But in the 1880's…Industrialization came here like a cyclone roaring through the mountains… Most of the profits left the state along with the timber and coal.”

My Cone ancestors lived in east Tennessee until 1870, and in family lore it was a prosperous and livable place.

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Queens Rule! The debate over naming the new NBA franchise in Charlotte is over, or at least it should be.


Charlotte is known as the Queen City, points out alert reader Charles C., who is clearly making good use of his hard-earned Ph.D. He writes: “How about the Queens? Historically accurate and justifies playing ‘We are the champions’ at games. Uniforms could be interesting too.”


Not to mention the natural rivalry with the Sacramento Kings.


* * *


Even the best name in the NBA won’t make the Queens as beloved in our fair state as ACC basketball or NASCAR, the latter being so popular that Governor Mike Easley tried yesterday to show off his driving skill at a race track. Oops. Suggested caption for that pic in future GOP campaigns: “Easley surveys wreckage of NC budget.”


* * *


Another NC pol taking chances is our senior Senator. “Edwards is risking N.C. to win nation,” says the Charlotte Observer:


“This week in Boston, U.S. Sen. John Edwards lavishly praised Ted Kennedy, one of the Senate's most outspoken liberals. Tonight he keynotes an Atlanta gala for America's largest gay rights group. Next week he plans to court organized labor in Iowa.

For most N.C. Democrats, that would amount to a political death wish. But it underscores the fine line Edwards walks as he pursues his party's presidential nomination while keeping the door open to a 2004 Senate re-election bid.”

One well-placed Democrat tells me that Edwards needs the national spotlight to build his base at home—he won his seat against a weak opponent and never developed strong local organizations across our 100 counties. His White House run, even if unsuccessful, supposedly helps him here by raising his profile. Elections often turn on the ability to target ads, get out the vote, etc., so this analysis sounds semi-plausible if highly optimistic.

* * *

Dave Winer said the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about this weblog: “Ed is one of the good guys, and his blog is, imho, an exemplary, even canonical journalist weblog.” Thanks, Dave.

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