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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

“I found myself reading someone’s Web log—how that happened I can’t remember.” Weblogs (referred to as “Web logs”) are a plot element in E.L. Doctorow's short story in the May 12 New Yorker.


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The speaker at last night’s annual meeting of the Weatherspoon Museum Association was Ruby Lerner, executive director of Creative Capital in New York. She was great. Creative Capital is an organization that supports interesting artists in ways beyond traditional grant-making, and it’s working now to meet its matching goals toward a $10 million challenge from the Warhol Foundation

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Paul Campos asked me for hints on creating a better weblog.


He’s off to a good start, because he begins with something valuable—a focus, an area of expertise, a potential community of readers and linkers. Paul is disabled, and his weblog, ChooseAbility, is focused on news and information for people with disabilities who seek to lead active lives.


Looking at his site, I think I’d like to see more original content—the best webloggers are often thinkers, not just linkers, and an uberlinker like Glenn Reynolds adds value by tying his posts together with commentary and running themes.


The other thing I see at Paul’s weblog is that most of the links seem to be to sites that his readers might frequent anyway, including a community site for disabled people. That’s fine when you have a point to make about a much-visited destination, but mixing in more obscure but still-relevant links would give readers more reason to come back.


And don’t forget our unofficial motto: Try weird stuff, see what works.

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