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Saturday, May 24, 2003

Digging (up) Jim Morrison


Ryan Irelan notes re the Times article about relocating graves in Charlotte that burial in Germany is often a temporary arrangement. Plots have to be paid for generation after generation, or else someone else is moved in.


The same applies in France, especially at fancy boneyards like Pere LaChaise in Paris, although exceptions are often made for famous names from Balzac to Oscar Wilde. There has been talk of removing from this posh address the remains of Jim Morrison, because his grave brings unruly visitors who trash the place and leave graffiti on neighboring tombs – even writing “Jim” with little arrows pointing toward his resting place on tombs far across the massive cemetery.


Once I watched a French cop trying to eject a drunk German fan from Pere LaChaise. The German had been sitting by Morrison’s grave strumming his guitar, and the cop didn’t like it. They got into a shouting match. The cop was yelling “vas dehors,” meaning “get out,” as in "take it outside, buddy," stressing the second word and pronouncing it very much like “door.” The lank-haired bare-chested-but-leather-jacketed drunk-at-noon German fan was nose to nose with him, responding, “Doors.”







For all I know, they’re still there, yelling.

6:29:10 PM    
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That damn liberal media…and those damn soggy weblogs. The DeLay story isn’t getting much play outside of Houston, and many bloggers who fancy themselves as fearless truthtellers are content to run in its place yet more Blairgasmic Times-bashing and Iraq triumphalism.


OK, folks, Josh Marshall lays it out for you plain as day: “(E)very day brings more damning details, with the momentum and seriousness of the new revelations increasing day by day…Why is the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives using the powers of his office to help his political allies in Texas arrest members of the state legislature so they can be forced to make a quorum call and allow the passage of the DeLay-authored redistricting plan?”


Marshall wants “DC's wizards of high dudgeon” to jump in – I think it would help if weblogs kept the story alive through the long weekend.

8:50:12 AM    
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House members are still “seething” over Howard Coble’s remarks on WWII-era internment, says Eric Muller. On Wednesday, the IsThatLegal author testified as part of a hearing on internment and civil liberties convened by California congressman Mike Honda.


Muller: “Howard Coble's name did not come up--at least not directly. But I alluded to his recent defense of the internment of Japanese Americans in my testimony, and I know from private conversations that many in the House are still seething over what he said.”

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