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daily link  Wednesday, February 2, 2000

I started using ICQ again today. You can now tell if I'm online by looking at the flower at the bottom of the page.

Somehow I missed the fact that today is Groundhog's Day . I've made the pilgramage to Punxsutawney, PA twice to see Phil on his big day. There's nothing better than spending all night in below freezing weather in a clearing. I had a great time on both trips. There was alcohol comsumption involved(how else would I have been able to stay outside in the freezing cold all night.) Thanks to Mirasol for reminding me.

Willie B. dies . I was just at the zoo four weeks ago and saw him. He sat, ignoring the obnoxious humans, proud and regal. He's been an Atlanta landmark for years. There's a picture gallery of him up on the Web too.

Jim's active again and it's making me happy.

Cameron Barrett interviewed by MasterDevelopers.com .

Oh yeah, there's a Weblog for this year's SXSW.(I'm going.)

Quite a lot of buzz today over the new home page design that Amazon.com is testing.(According to this News.com article ) You might or might not get the new design when you log onto their site. Personally, I like the previous, tab based(and oft-copied) design better. IMHO it was warmer and more innovative.

Speaking of redesigns, Version Tracker , the best place to stay up to date on Macintosh software releases, has redesigned and added an email notification service. Not surprisingly, I don't really like the new identity or navigation.

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