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daily link  Tuesday, February 15, 2000

News of the Palm IIIc from China

I just received my order from Incase. I ordered a Moya Pak. It's a perfect case for carrying the odd collection of gadgets I haul around on a daily basis. They have also introduced a laptop carrying case that is large enough for the iBook. Based on the quality of the first order, I will doubtless be ordering that item as well.

New Weblog(at least to me) that is in sync with today's Oscar news: The Hollywood Tattler

I've been terrible about updating the RSS file for this site. I'm resolving to update it from now on.

In case you care, my log analysis software has informed me that this page has averaged x visits a day since I moved it to its current server on February 17th, 1998. I find this number shockingly high. "Ah, x amount of visits, very good."

Cutting the Cheese If you are involved at all with the development or business end of an ecommerce Web site, you should read this article. If that's not enough for you, check out this quote: "It seems that all E-commerce sites worldwide are virtually interchangeable." Amen brother.

My ISP is experiencing router issues that may make this site, and email to me, not work. Hopefully this will be remedied quickly.

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