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daily link  Thursday, February 17, 2000

This Workspot thing looks really interesting. (via rc3.org)

It's getting to the point very quickly that I think I'm going to be sick of the Aqua interface before Mac OS X even ships. Despite that fact, here's a well designed Aqua site with some interesting icons.

From there, I found Dropshadow. Killer desktops(that's wallpaper for you PC folk).

They've posted the X-Men movie trailer to the movie Web site. (via metafilter) I've been an avid comic book collector since I was a kid. In the past few years, I've gone dormant. I loved the X-Men books of the late eighties. I've been scrolling through the trailer, some of the scenes look amazing.(Like the one of Storm fighting Sabertooth, and Sabertooth fighting Wolverine on top of the Statue of Liberty. Mystique also looks pretty cool.)

New blue Megnut.

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