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daily link  Monday, February 7, 2000

I'm not sure why anyone would be reading this page, but if you are, I want you to know that I am just using it to test my current redesign's compatibility with Blogger. Since I can't really move the site easily right now without dealing with a few hassles, I can't use Manila. 1:26:05 AM  permalink  discuss []  

I like Evhead's new design much better than the recent design. It's usable and visually pleasing. I also now have Ev's Head as an icon in my bookmarks menu. It might be the best designed Weblog yet in my opinion.

I've made it one month without smoking. I don't feel like celebrating. I made it over a year without smoking at one point, then lapsed right back into it. I also made the step down to the next level of patch today. I expect that I'll be grumpy.

Well. This is definitely a work in progress.

I've gotten really mixed feedback so far. Seems most people writing in do not like this color scheme, so I'll revisit it tonight. I changed the content font style sheet so it no longer is fixed at 12 pt. Thanks to Jeff Harrell and Jim Roepcke for the excellent pointers.

I want to hear what a bad job I've done of making this site easy to read so I can fix it. There will be additional content and layout changes on this page this week. The pictures above will link to pages with descriptions as soon as I have time to build a template and write some descriptions. For now, they link to a larger version of the image and feature scenes from last week.

Also, I haven't updated any of the other pages yet.

Dan Sanderson has written a filter that lets you see only the Weblogs on the weblog.com update list that you want to. A useful feature, but I use that list to discover new Weblogs. Still, with the ever growing number of new blogs, it's good to have filters.

Yeah, what about expert users?

In the player today:

  1. Snapcase : designs for automation. I really really like this band a lot. Not for you if you don't like agressive music.
  2. Michael Penn : MP4 [days since a lost time accident]. The jury is still out on this one. It's probably going to grow on me. I don't know about naming a CD "MP4" at this point in time.
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