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daily link  Thursday, February 10, 2000

MacCentral reports that Connectix has won the suit that Sony brought over their Virtual Game Station product. I love this product, it works great, and now they'll finally be able to release updates to it legally. This also means they will be able to release their Windows version. Here's the Connectix press release that explains it, and links to the judgement online.

Smoking is an illness(via Robot Wisdom)

More proof that our government doesn't get the Internet. Do they understand how pervasively cookies are used in Web development for benign purposes? Perhaps I'm misunderstanding this bill, but it seems that this is not the way to get regulation on these Internet advertising companies. I remain unconvinced that this sort of legislation is a good thing or that it sets a good precedent for our industry.

Palm OS 3.5 goes Gold Master.

We're looking for a good project/team management Web application that can be used to schedule meetings, send out email notifications, schedule resources, and view other people's scheduled events. eProject.com will give Outlook haters fits, it uses the exact same layout and icons as Outlook 2000. It doesn't have all the features we want. Guess we may have to roll our own solution.

Free-PC.com is terminating it's existing free PC services and giving all the existing users the machines without any strings attached.

I love Krispy Kreme Donuts a little too much. Really good Web site for such an old school company.

The Apex AD-600A is a DVD player that will also play CD-ROM's full of MP3 files. Here's an in-depth review of the unit. I find it interesting that the person who maintains this site uses Circuit City as his example of somewhere you can buy the unit. I'm still boycotting Circuit City over the whole DIVX fiasco. People have really short memories.

I've had a Mindspring account since 1996. As I'm sure most of you know by now, they merged with Earthlink to become the small number two to AOL's number one. Somehow, they got it in their head that their customers need to be reminded of this fact almost daily via email. It's driving me nuts.

David Brin on Tomorrow's World . This is up on the iPlanet Web site, which is the brand assigned to the Netscape/Sun alliance that came out of the AOL purchase of Netscape.

Still looking for that magical color combination. I'm pretty certain that this is the final color scheme, so if you don't like it, be sure to get me some feedback asap. I'm hoping to get a script in place to let you choose your own color schemes ala Camworld, but will be finalizing design and all the secondary pages first. Content will continue to grow and change on this page over the next few weeks. Some new pics above in what I hope will be a regular new feature.

Well, I don't think this is a parody.(via Camworld) This person has now taken the site down, it was a rip off of the much lauded(at least here) new Evhead design.

We had a movie night last night and watched Run Lola Run . I really liked it, but found the concept rather unoriginal. I also went to see Eye of the Beholder last weekend. The movie had some great elements to it, but the ending was terrible, I mean really really terrible. Wait for the video.

Who Toy will help you name your brand new Weblog.(via Evhead)

Starting tomorrow, I won't be using QBullets in the log section of this site anymore. With this new color scheme, links stand out well enough on their own.

Today's Soundtrack:

  1. Nick Drake's Pink Moon . Perhaps the use of Pink Moon in the Volkswagon commercial will make more people aware of this completely brilliant piece of work.
  2. Mudhoney's march to fuzz(best of and rarities)

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