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daily link  Saturday, February 19, 2000

Return of The Stuffed Dog.

It's a quiet Saturday here in the office. I really enjoy being here when the place is empty. I'm doing boring things like setting up new Web servers and configuring everything to go with them. It's fun.

Another great thing about coming downtown to work on the weekend is that my favorite places to eat are more easily accessible from here. Kate and I went to Surin for lunch. MMMM Thai.

I'm closing in on a year of having my New Beetle pretty quickly now, and so I'm evaluating whether I want to keep it or get a new one.(I had requested a Turbo a few months ago, but never heard anything back from the dealer.) One thing that is sort of strange about owning one is that there is this strange sort of community among people that own them. I can't even count the amount of people driving them that wave to me when I'm in mine. In the years I owned the two Honda Accords I've had, I never had another Accord owner wave to me just because I was driving an Accord. Today, after lunch, another person in a silver Beetle parked theirs right behind mine facing in the opposite direction.(I'll post the picture here tonight.)

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