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daily link  Monday, February 28, 2000

I make my return to work today after three relaxing days in Key West. Seems like a lot has happened in the three days I was away. The Macintosh community lost a stalwart this weekend with the passing of Don Crabb. Anyone involved deeply in Mac pursuits has read articles and books by him. I met Don for the first time at Apple's WWDC conference in 1996, and have seen him several times since. He always remembered my name, and was a really nice guy to talk to. It seems like everyone in the community has nice things to say about him today. Macintouch has a page devoted to him, MacCentral has a story with some nice quotes from Bob Levitus, and Roger Ebert wrote his obituary.

ICANN has opened it's voting membership ranks to individual Internet users, you can register here. There is a New York TImes article on this subject. (via Tomalak's Realm)

Jack noted the end of Bring the Rock. I always liked the site, but understand Jason's reasons.(Jack also noted our office kickball game which I missed while I was in Key West.)

I also read Miss Wyoming at the pool this weekend. Mr. Coupland has yet to dissapoint me. This book was an interesting hodge podge of Hollywood, fame and the human condition with fantastic characters and a bizarre series of events. I really enjoyed it, and got through it in one day.

RasterWeb sports a tuned up design.

I still haven't decided exactly how I feel about this whole patent issue with Amazon. What I clearly see is that we could just as easily be dealing with this issue with any of the big Web retailers if they got this in first.

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