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daily link  Tuesday, February 22, 2000

Oops, the Palm keyboard is from Think Outside. Is anyone besides Jason still in the box?

More on the Stowaway keyboard for the Palm.

One thing that Palm announced today that I haven't seen covered anywhere is a new unlimited plan for the Palm VII's wireless access.

New Foop. It implicates me as the rat that turned my competitor, The Bradlands, in to the feds. No comment.

From today's RasterWeb Posting: "rasterweb: the only website with deadly kung foo action!" Peter seems to have forgotten who the kungfumaster is.

I read Shift every month now. I started reading it when it was a Canadian import, and now they have launched the magazine in the US too. On their site, they have this Shift List where you can view, then vote on, sites. They then publish the monthly tally in the magazine. A good combination of using online energy to produce offline content. Also of note is this map that shows you where their current site visitors are geographically. (Still not as cool as that new Kaliber 10000)

For my friends who only read this site: The Superfriends Wazzzup Commercial

Palm makes Color device official. The IIIc comes with 8 Mb of RAM. They also came out with this neat folding keyboard, and Kodak released their camera that hooks to the Palm. The cradle is still serial and there is no USB option, and you have to pay for Mac Support separately.

I've expanded the Where I go section to the right a little. I want it to accurately reflect the sites I'm going to on a daily basis. A reworked links page/portal is about half done, and will include a much more comprehehnsive directory of my less frequent visits than the existing links page.

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